Daniel W. Ottey (dottey) wrote,
Daniel W. Ottey

My Favorite Podcasts

I promised something geeky - and since I can't stop this annoying cough and go to sleep I thought I would write up a list of my favorite podcasts.  Do me a favor...  If you listen to any of these, leave me a comment.  Or if you check any of them out because of this post, please let me know what you think.

 (Listed in no particular order.)

Miscellaneous / Family
The non-tech and non-Lost podcasts I listen to.

Nobody's Listening
Hosted by James Kennison and others, NLCast is a clean comedy podcast featuring funny true-life stories from the hosts and listeners who contribute their own stories.  One of these days I'll actually submit a story of my own.

Geek Loves Nerd
Geek Loves Nerd started when James, host of Nobody’s Listening Podcast, wanted to share his hobby with his wife. Now they both share their opinions about life, faith, family, children, video games, movies… and it’s a little bit funny! Geek Loves Nerd is clean and is a featured iTunes Kids & Family podcast.

The Dave Ramsey Show
Radio show host Dave Ramsey offers the first hour of his 3 hour daily show for free download via podcast.  Great tips and its also awesome to hear people scream "I'M DEBT FREE!!!" on the Friday shows.

Family From the Heart (GSPN)
Hosted by Cliff and Stephanie Ravenscript, FFTH is an entertaining podcast devoted to providing an authentic and unscripted look into the lives of a family in pursuit of a balanced life.

Daybreak Community Church
This is my church's weekly sermon.  I don't actually listen to the podcast often since I catch the sermon live each week.  But if you want some Christian inspiration and education, this is a great resource!

I like tech - and these podcasts keep me "in the know."

Buzz Out Loud (CNET)
I actually have not listened to this one in awhile, but I used to every day.  Its a great podcast for keeping up with tech related news.

Podcast Answer Man (GSPN)
The podcast about podcasting - hosted by Cliff Ravenscraft.

The Real Deal (CNET)
The Real Deal gives you access to secrets and info that will help you master the confusing world of technology. Every Tuesday Tom and Rafe take on a new topic as well as taking your e-mail.

Probably the largest category of podcasts I listen to.  These will dwindle as the show is coming to an end in a few weeks.

Geronimo Jack's Beard - Hosted by actor Jorge Garcia (Hurley) himself!

Weekly Lost Podcast (GSPN) - Hosted by Cliff and Stephanie Ravenscraft.

The Lost Community Podcast - Hosted by David A. Dean and Steve "the Goog" Googlich.

Cranky Fanatic Lost Podcast - Hosted by "Big O"

Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack - Hosted by father/son team Jack and Jay.

The Transmission - Hosted by Ryan and Jen "from the island."
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