Daniel W. Ottey (dottey) wrote,
Daniel W. Ottey

Spiritual Gifts and Stretching

This past Sunday's sermon at Daybreak was about Spiritual Gifts.  During the sermon, Dave mentioned an online assessment.  It was a short quiz you could take (just like many Internet memes) that could help you to discover your spiritual gifts.

I took the quiz, and here are my top 5 spiritual gifts (per this quiz).

Teaching: You love to learn and help others to understand what you have been taught from God's word. You are easy to listen to and your instructions are simple to follow.

Encouragement: The words you speak comfort, encourage and urge to action those who listen.

Helps: You love to help others, nothing is too much to ask, and others seek you out when they face a practical need.

Hospitality: You show your love for people by making them feel welcome in your home or anywhere.

Giving: You love to give, God guides you to give, and you have the ability to know just what others need.

The results are in order with Teaching being my best gift and the other four being equally next in line.  I find it ironic that I would probably list those gifts in the opposite order - I find giving to be terribly easy.  I enjoy inviting people over to our house.  I even like helping others.  But to think that I give great words of encouragement or teach others well?  Maybe not so much...

But then again, maybe God is teaching me (pun intended) that I am good at teaching.  It seems as if the documentation I write for work is easy to understand and rather useful for my team.  But that is technology where I am confident (at least most of the time).  How am I to teach people about God when I'm not always so sure what I believe?  In the past few weeks, Janet and I have been leading a small group in our home.  But that role is merely a facilitator.  I caution myself to not teach or preach in that venue.  I've not been trained.  How is my opinion any more valid than theirs?  But maybe there is room to do both?  Maybe I can teach through the sharing of my opinions and thoughts?

Last week I was told by someone that a card I sent him in the mail was such an encouragement.  I didn't know it was going to be, but it seems that God used me to touch this person's life that day.  If I stop to think about it, that is truly amazing!  How blessed I am to be used by God.

So all that to say, maybe God is trying to stretch me into these spiritual gifts that I didn't even realize I had.  I think thats why I'm trying my hand at blogging again.  My words could very well be both educational and encouraging.  Who knows...  Maybe God will even one day stretch me beyond one of my biggest fears - public speaking!

Tomorrow I'll try to post something of a lighter topic...  Maybe something geeky.  But for now?  Its time to watch LOST!

PS.  Want to share your list of Spiritual Gifts?
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