Daniel W. Ottey (dottey) wrote,
Daniel W. Ottey


Probably a lot I could update about, but the only thing on my mind today is my RHCE exam on Friday. This week I am taking RH253 (Red Hat Linux Networking and Security Administration). Following the course - on Friday I will take the Red Hat Certified Engineer examination. I'm nervous about it mostly in regards to tasks that I think are probably simple but I'm just not familiar with (such as X Windows configuration). I was never taught some of that stuff. But I've been reviewing an RHCE Study Guide and that has helped a lot.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the class this week (in Valley Forge). And maybe Rich and I will have a study/cram session Thursday night prior to our exam.

In other news - I'm heading to Lenexa, Kansas on business in the middle of May. Janet will come with me, and we should be able to enjoy a nice Saturday together (while I have work to do on Sunday).

Tags: quest
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