Daniel W. Ottey (dottey) wrote,
Daniel W. Ottey

Cell phone thoughts!

Do you carry a cell phone for work?

Does your company pay for it?

If so, do you also carry a personal cell phone?

Quest will be getting me a new phone. My boss also stated its my choice if I want to use it for personal calls, or if I want to keep "work and personal" separate.

I really do enjoy having a cell phone with me at all times. But I just can't imagine having to keep two of them in my pocket at all times now. I'm bound to be lazy and leave one - except that I will miss calls, and that wouldn't be good.

The down side is that Janet and I are currently on a contract family plan with AT&T. And Quest is on Verizon. I think if I tried to transfer my phone number to the Quest account, they will a) give us hassle because it is tied to a family plan, and b) make me pay some kind of termination fee to drop/transfer my number because we still have one year left on our contract.

There is a small possibility that if I give Quest my number, I will lose it if they terminate my employment. I suppose I am not worried about that really. The convenience and cost savings until that happens (hopefully not for 2 or 3+ years) would be worth it.

Interesting aside... Prior to being laid off by Unisys, I would have never even "worried" about possible future termination of employment. I should just plan to be with Quest FOREVER. Except now I understand that it might not be the case, ya know? Which reminds me, anyway, that I should probably write about the "new" position with Quest, except I'm not going to be writing that right now. I'll have to save it for another time.

All that aside, I hope to be getting the Palm Centro. The plan that Quest provides me will not include Internet access (but I'm assuming I can get the Centro without a data plan), but it should include unlimited text messaging. I think this would be an awesome all-in-one PDA phone for me that would allow me to sync calendar and contact info via Bluetooth. My current Razr just doesn't cut it as a PIM.

Also, I will be receiving a Dell Latitude D630 (Intel Core 2 Duo 2.40GHz with 4GB RAM). Nice! I will also have access to an EVDO card for use during my on-call periods.

OK, enough geeking. Time for breakfast. Please answer my questions above if you have the time. Offer your opinions too! :-)

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