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So Janet mentioned that she doesn't like Tweet syndications like the one's I've been automatically posting lately. Does anyone else "hate" them or find them annoying? I figured it was an easy way of "writing a little" in the journal, because I never take the time to do it anymore.

I'm pretty proud of Janet lately. She's made a very concerted effort to do three things, and she's stuck to them. She's been going out running on a consistent basis, she's been doing a daily bible reading, and she's been writing in her journal daily too. I like to read her posts even if I get to hear most of the stories or "content" in person. But I'm glad others can get to share it too. By the way - if I track ALL comments from EVERY post she makes, is that considered stalking? :-)

We've gone out furniture shopping lately, with only limited success. That success is in the form of knowing what we don't want, sort of knowing what we do want. The sadness comes in not being able to find it almost anywhere. The purpose of the shopping is to use a little bit of our tax refund to spruce up the living room which contains mostly all hand-me-down furniture. There isn't really anything wrong with hand-me-down, but we're maybe hoping to get a couch that isn't almost as old as Janet (no offense Brian).

Our first purchase will be a new entertainment center. The one I have (which might have come from Ikea or maybe KMart) has held up very well, but it is huge. We'd like to move the TV from the corner of the living room so that it is between our two front windows instead. So as not to cut off the windows completely, we need a smaller entertainment center. We want that entertainment center to be tall (maybe 30" high for the TV to sit on) and have openings in it for the TiVo, DVD player, and a game console (be it the Gamecube now, or a future Wii). We want those openings to not have doors, so that the temperature won't reach 90+ degrees in there with the TiVo running all day long. It turns out that "doorless" part of this search seems to be the hardest. We've gone to a bunch of stores last weekend and last night. Our best candidate so far is in a shop at Zern's.

The second piece of furniture is "a toy chest for adults." By that we mean your typical toy chest, but we're going to put it in the living room and store our board and card games in it (since they will be displaced from the current entertainment center). We want a chest which is big enough to hold many of our games and can be sat on in the case that we need extra seating in the living room. A lot of the chests we've seen so far are close but not quite. We're also unsure if the cedar chests might have adverse effects on our games (would they discolor or something?) So this whole furniture shopping process is more difficult than I thought it would be, but I'm certain it is even worse for Janet who does most of the research.

Janet and my Wedding anniversary is this Thursday. To many of you, 4 years doesn't sound like much - but it is pretty amazing to me. If I think back to my childhood, I could never imagine that I would be so happily married as I am right now; that I could be so lucky and blessed as to meet a girl who would become must best friend and be able to marry her. I was the dork with no friends. Now I have plenty of friends and a wonderful wife. Everyday I feel truly blessed! I love my Janet!

And speaking of Janet, her birthday is coming up next weekend. Unfortunately for her, it is the same day as mother's day this year. I've got a few surprises for her all around. I got some birthday presents for her that I am really excited about (I hate having to wait to give them to her). I also have a special dinner planned on May 10th to celebrate our anniversary, and then we're going to Janet's mom's house on the 11th to celebrate mother's day and Janet's birthday. Should be great times!

Well, I am certain there is more I can write. But Janet just left for Weight Watchers and I ought to get some chores started while she is gone. Hey, why else would I wake up at 6:30 on a Saturday morning?
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