Daniel W. Ottey (dottey) wrote,
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Janet is my VALENTINE and I love her a lot!

Tuesday night my class was canceled due to snow.  So we borrowed Pirates of the Caribbean 3 from Tim and watched that snuggled up on the couch, while enjoying a cheesesteak (for me) and a buffalo chicken cheesesteak (for Janet) and sharing cheese wiz fries.  YUM!  It was nice to have that evening together.

Last night we didn't have smallgroup, so I stopped and bought a bottle of Janet's favorite wine (the name of which is escaping me - but its the cheap stuff at $8.99 for a 1.5L bottle).  We drank that while enjoying the second half of our cheesesteaks from the night before (along with sharing a Celeste "pizza for one").  And we watched not one, but TWO episodes of Stargate: Atlantis.  Very romantic indeed :-)  But to us, a very enjoyable evening!

Janet was sweet this morning and went out in the COLD to use some coupons at Dunkin Donuts.  She got me a bacon, egg & cheese on croissant and a coffee.  (She got an everything bagel with cream cheese for herself, as well as a free Milky Way hot chocolate).  Delicious breakfast!  I also gave Janet a Valentine's day card.  Cute kitty and doggy on the cover.

And then at 6:15am the Word FM played a special request from Dan to Janet in Royersford - Steven Curtis Chapman's "We Will Dance."  Awww!  *giggle*  I had earlier sent my request via email.

On the way to work, I stopped at McDonald's to pick up a FREE LARGE COFFEE since they are giving away free coffee today in the Philly region.  I'll probably also stop and pick one up on my way to class tonight.  I think I might need it!

And though Janet tried, she was unable to sneak my Valentine's day card into my lunch box.  But it IS sitting in there right now, in the fridge downstairs at work, and I will be "surprised" when I open it up in front of the microwave today.  And I suppose I'll proudly display it to my coworkers at the lunch table.  Sure it might give them something to make fun of me for ... but I know that I'm lucky enough to have a wonderful wife who thinks enough about me to try to surprise me with a card.  So I'll happily take some ribbing.

OK - now time to patch some Red Hat boxes.  whoo hoo!
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