Daniel W. Ottey (dottey) wrote,
Daniel W. Ottey

Snow flurries outside. 71 degrees here by my computer. Yet I am still freezing (even in a sweater and fleece jacket). I think I'd like some non-florescent lighting down here in the basement. Would that help anything? *shrug*

Phone interview this afternoon for the SysAdmin job at Quest went very quickly. I'm going to interview in person tomorrow at 2:00. I think I might end up meeting with one of the same Linux guys I met with last week. I'm guessing that is a bad thing, but I'm not sure. He may have liked me and the other guy didn't. But it might end up being a short interview, since he really can't ask me the same set of questions I got last week. But maybe he'll ask me more/worse ones. I'll try not to get too worried about it.

I have a phone interview tomorrow morning for a position at SIG in Bala Cynwyd. And a phone interview on Thursday for a position at Comcast in West Chester. I wonder if Michelle still reads my blog?

I don't really want to commute to either Bala Cynwyd or West Chester, but they are positions worth looking into further I guess.

I don't normally get all depressed or whiny in this journal, but the job hunt is taking its toll. In my mind I know that I shouldn't have expected it to be done already, but part of me thought it would. I've only got half a month of severance left, and then it will be just unemployment.

Well, I need to do a little more searching now.  And then I will have to get ready for class.  My next course begins tonight.
Tags: job hunt

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