Daniel W. Ottey (dottey) wrote,
Daniel W. Ottey

Happy New Year!

Awesome holiday vacation (12/22 - 1/1) with Janet.  I was unemployed (but being paid).  Janet was off, but got paid for two days.  Not bad, I suppose.

Got to see a lot of family and friends over the holiday.  Played a lot of board and card games (our new card game is Super Munchkins).  Got to see and hold my nephew.  I'm still amazed by him.  No, I won't say HE'S THE CUTEST BABY IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD (like many people say when they see babies), but I do really like him!

Janet and I have been working on our upstairs bathroom.  We had redone the one half (the room with the toilet and the bath tub) about a year ago.  We had all the supplies to finish the other half (the closet and the sinks), and Janet wanted to do it since she had the week off.  Tim came over and helped us strip that wallpaper (peelable, stripable - so it wasn't too difficult).  And then Janet spackled and painted all the walls.  I've done cleanup work.  All that is left is the trim I think.  Looking nice, and I'm quite happy/proud of the work Janet does.  I'm not handy enough to do any of it without her.

In other housework news - we got a new ceiling fan for Christmas.  Need to get our friend to come over and install the correct fixture for it.

In notes relating to Janet's skills: we did a lot of baking for the holidays.  Cookies and cupcakes galore.  Some were gifts, some we brought to a party, some were treats for us.  Got a lot of use from her new Kitchenaid mixer.  Lots of sugar!  Lots of fun!

Enjoying my new Alienware that Janet's parents gave me for Christmas.  I should post the specs separately - maybe someday.  But for now, I enjoy that it is super fast.  And my water has a reflection in Age of Empires 3!  I'm giddy about that.  And the sounds - they are awesome.  Any other (free) games out there with which I can try out my spiffy new graphics card?

On a related note: Age of Empires 3 LAN party - maybe tonight or sometime this weekend.  Hopefully fun!

Wondering what Janet and I will do with out Christmas loot (assuming we don't need it to pay for the mortgage and groceries).  Nice to dream a little.

Won a $100 gift certificate from the Chiropractor's office for dinner at a restaurant in Skippack.  We're thinking we'll hold on to that until sometime near Valentines day.

Dad gave me a bluetooth adapter for my PC.  I now have Star Trek and Star Wars ring tones on my phone.  Oh, and "Under the Sea" from the Little Mermaid plays whenever Janet calls me.  Maybe I should change that though...

Dad's colon surgery (cancer removal) is on Thursday Jan 10th.

I received a B in my Accounting class from last term.  4 classes done.  3 As and 1 B.  Classes begin again on Jan 15th - Statistical Analysis for Managerial Decision Making.  Oh what fun!

The job hunt is slowish.  I have applied to 43 positions.  I've had two phone interviews.

One (a Systems Engineer with ICG Commerce) has led to a a potential in person interview: at least they said they will get back to me with "next steps."

The other opportunity sounds very promising.  I have an in-person interview with the IT director for a Linux Engineer position with Quest Diagnostics in West Norriton (which I would consider Audubon - near the intersection of Egypt and Trooper Rds).  That interview is on Tuesday Jan 8th, and I am pretty excited about it!.

The Systems Administrator position at Traffic.com that I was applying for through a friend who works there has seemed to go away.  Kevin informed me that they are now looking to fill that position from Germany.  I suppose I could do it if I wanted to commute that far :-)

I'm sure I've forgotten to update about something.  If you have any questions about whats been going on with me, feel free to ask.  Some days I miss writing on LJ.  But other days I can't think of anything interesting to write.  *shrug*

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