July 23rd, 2009


Random Acts of Kindess Week at Daybreak

After work on Wednesday - having realized that I forgot my packed dinner on the counter at home - I stopped at McDonalds on my way to school in Malvern.  I decided I would attempt a specific Random Act of Kindness and pay for the order of the person behind me in the drive-thru.  Sure, its not and original idea (see Dave's video in the link) but my motive was genuine anyway.

Going up to the drive-in, I noticed that no one was pulling up behind me....  So I looped the parking lot once and someone finally pulled into the parking lot behind me.  I pulled back into the drive-thru and thankfully that van followed.  I ordered my meal (totaling $4.50 or so) and paid for it at the first window.

As the cashier was handing me my change I asked her if I could also pay for the guy behind me.  With a slightly funny look, and a slightly weirded-out smile, she said "sure" and looked up his total.  It was $1.07.  Hah, so he must have only ordered a sweet tea or something.  But I paid for it anyway and just asked that the cashier hand him a card (that says someone from Daybreak Community Church just committed a random act of kindness for him).  I gave her two cards, and I hope that she kept one for herself.

I peaked into my rear-view mirror while waiting for my food at windows #2.  The driver of the van only seemed slightly confused, but more so agitated I think. Maybe that was just my nerves talking.  I thought I saw him toss the card on his passenger seat, but I also didn't really want to be staring at him in my mirror.  I do hope that he appreciated my gesture, even if it was an inexpensive one.  I pray that even such a small gesture would have brightened his day.

And that's where I think God tried to teach me that it isn't about monetary amounts in these random acts of kindness (at one point I was wondering how much it would cost to buy coffee for everyone that works in my building).  For me it is really about sharing Christ's love through any form of generosity (large, small or even free), as long as I am stepping out of my comfort zone to do something that kind of scares me but helps someone else - hopefully for an eternity.

That's just one of the "random" acts of kindness I attempted to commit this week.  And I tell you that my heart pounded for every moment!  But in retrospect, I'm super-glad I did it.

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