June 4th, 2009


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Rule 1) All multiple-person public restrooms should have two doors - one for in and one for out.

Rule 2) If the restroom only has one door, then the person going IN should have the "right of way." Think about it...

Rule 3) And whether its the bathroom or some other random door... If the door would hit you in the face when it swings open (as you're trying to open it from the inside), then you are TOO CLOSE to the door. Please keep your body, and especially your face, out of the area where the door will swing.

Remember - the door is opaque. I can't see you. And I'm in a hurry.
Sword of Omens

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Janet and I completed about 3/7th's "PA Boater Safety" course online this evening.  We want to get our operating permits so we can use the jet skis in Raystown in a few weeks.  We'll probably finish the rest over the weekend.
Wrote the check for World Boardgame Championship that we're going to again this year.  Still need to book a hotel though.  The one reservations website I checked out totally didn't work.  I'll try again tomorrow.
I have a lot of homework to finish in the next couple weeks.  Despite that, I am really looking forward to this weekend.  Nothing special - just WEEKEND.  Not looking forward to ITIL training next week at work.
We've greatly enjoyed watching the Phils on the west coast as we've fallen asleep this week.  I only slightly enjoyed watching the rebroadcast when I was paged at 2:15 this morning.  The rebroadcast ended right about when I was falling back asleep at 3:30.

Janet is playing some video game she downloaded via MyPoints.  She appears to be enjoying herself.  Peanut is asleep on a pillow.  And I am tired of being in front of this computer.  I think its time for a little TV before bed.