May 31st, 2009



 While I'm waiting to do some work, I figured I would write a little.

I'm currently using Google Chrome web browser.  I am a 99% Firefox guy; only using Internet Explorer on sites where Firefox doesn't work.  I like the add-on features of Firefox; especially FoxyProxy.  But I've heard so many good things about Chrome that I thought I would give it a shot.  It is a pretty sleak browser and I haven't found man faults with it.  I'm probably not switching to it for my default browser, but maybe soon?  At least its out of beta now.

Speaking slightly of other geekery...  I installed Windows Vista Service Pack 2 yesterday.  I have not had much time to "play" with it though, so I suppose I can't comment.

The trip to Kansas was very fun.  I'm glad Janet went with me.  It was cool to see Nicole.  It sucked that it took me over 7 hours to do the work I needed to do there on Sunday, but at least it got done.

In about 3 weeks we'll be heading out to Raystown, PA with a bunch of friends for a week of camping.  I'm looking forward to the week off of work.  During that week we will also go to Creation Festival for the first time.  We will probably go to the festival (concerts) two of the days we are there.  Other activities will include boating and relaxing.  Should be an interesting week, and hopefully a fun one.

I will graduate from Penn State with a Masters in Information Science on August 15th.  I decided that I don't want to wait for the ceramony in Malvern next May, so we'll take the trek up to University Park where I will walk.  I guess I don't really need to walk at all, but why not?

Janet has begun planning for my graduation party.  It looks like the party will be at Limerick Community Park the following Saturday.  I keep telling Janet that she doesn't need to throw me a party, but she really wants to.  I'm just going to be happy to be done with night classes.  But I'm also very appreciative of how proud she is of me - and how supportive she has been in this over the last couple years.

The weekend before graduation if the World Boardgaming Championship in Lancaster.  Janet and I went last year with her sister on Saturday and Sunday.  Tim was there on Saturday.  This year it looks like it will just be me and Janet, but I haven't gotten a chance to ask Chad yet.  I'm looking forward to that weekend.  We had a lot of fun last year.  Maybe this year one of us will return home a champion.

The day after the WBC last year we went down to Cape May.  Our summer already feels pretty packed, so I'm not sure we'll fit in a trip to the shore.  I would like to.  I guess it feels a little tougher since I have on-call duties to take care of.  I might even have to trade favors in August to get those weekends (at least partially) free.

Janet and Peanut are currently napping on the couch together.  Might be nice to nap right now, but I'm also enjoying the Phils game (though it could be a tad more exciting).

Hopefully the work I have to do this afternoon won't take very long, AND hopefully I won't run into any problems.  As always, tiime will tell :-)

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 I'm annoyed that something on my laptop keeps breaking Windows' ability to "Copy/Paste" files.  I had fixed it once, but then it broke again.

I noticed I was getting a lot of weird hits on the Samba service on my home Linux server.  So I decided to utilize some of my RHCE skills and configure iptables firewall for it.  Now the firewall will only allow connections from my home network.  I think that will help :-)

The weekend was short.