May 16th, 2009



For those of you not reading my Facebook, I'll post this here (I've been
having troubles posting to LJ from my Blackberry via email, but I can get to fine)... Anyway, Janet and I are in Kansas. I stopped by the
datacenter in Lenexa and met a few people while Janet went to a Marble
factory and found her marbles *rimshot* ... The datacenter was a lot
smaller than the one in West Norriton, but I expected that. I at least know
my way around it now, and specifically know where the two servers are that I
will be virtualizing on Sunday.

After that, Janet picked me back up and we went to Jack Stack BBQ on the
recommendation of one of the locals. That is where we shared an appetizer
of BBQ wings, and then I had a 3 rib platter (beef, pork and lamb), and
Janet had a sampler which consisted of beef, pork, chicken and italian
sausage. We shared the unique parts of our meals. All was good (though
maybe Rich's ribs are actually better). Janet also had some sort of lemon
drop martini and I had a peach martini. Both tasty!

Today we've just got done breakfast at the hotel and are heading out on a
journey. We're going from Lenexa, Kansas up to Iowa to see some water tower
shaped like a coffee pot. After that we are going up to Omaha, Nebraska to
meet the LJ-er formerly know as buttonmommy (aka, navygreen). After lunch
with her, we'll be heading to the KC Royals game in Kansas City, MO. 4
states in one day!

We've already made great use of Janet's birthday present (a 7-inch GPS unit
for the car). The GPS unit is like the one we borrowed from Rich for the
light house challenge. The GPS bosses us around, and we are greatful.

Well, time to go! We'll be seeing BUTTONMOMMY in about 4 hours! w00t w00t!