June 10th, 2008


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As you saw in one of my previous tweets, we finally ordered a Wii yesterday morning.  We've been waiting for awhile, but finally decided to do it.

We used some of our MyPoints to get $100 worth of Walmart gift cards (earned for FREE) because I often saw they had Wii bundles in stock online.  The gift cards arrived and Friday night I eagerly logged on to order the Wii.  But then I discovered that the processing time for the order could be up to 90 days.  Now, it could have been a bug in Walmart's system, or it could have been truth - but if I see "estimated shipping date" in October, I run for the hills.  Slightly depressed, we decided to not to buy the Wii that evening.

Saturday morning we decided that we would just use some of our saved fun-money to buy the Wii and use the Walmart gift cards for a couple controllers.  I went online to do some browing and went to WiiAlerts.  I discovered that Toys-R-Us had Wiis available.  But by the time I found the one I wanted and double-checked with Janet to get it, they had sold out.  Bummer!  So I subscribed for the Wii Alerts to come to my email, and that was that.

Monday, while at work, I saw an alert come in my inbox.  Toys-R-Us had them on sale again.  Janet had given me the go-ahead already to snag one if I saw it come up, and so I did!  Just now I received a UPS tracking number showing that both the Wii and Super Smash Brothers Brawl had shipped and will arrive on Thursday!  Oh, and to avoid any "signature required" hassles, we opted to have it shipped to Janet's work (which is a small business, and the boss said he didn't mind).

Thursday night we'll have some WIIIIIIIII goodness in our house!!!

But that reminds me...  I need to make sure I have the right cables and TV hook-ups available.  I may have to do some rearranging.

I'm glad I got this post out, but now I have some work to do.  So, toodles!

PS.  Lessons learned:
1) Walmart online should either fix their site or not say "in stock" if it will actually take 90 days to process the order.
2)  I highly recommend Wii Alerts!
3)  Shipping charges are taxed if the items being shipped are also taxed.  I never knew that.

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“So I have tried to make that post about the lease. I'd like to start working on something and then just a few minutes later power in the house was off. And then it came back on and then it went off and then it was on and then was off. And it's still off so I guess I'm not meant to do that work on the computer that at I was supposed. The work I was going to be doing was working on my leg. So that's because I'm coming up on July 28th will be end of my 6 months contract that at quest. I was hoping to have hand over to when I would received a full time position there by now but that hasn't worked out so far. So I need start working on my resume and getting up on limes. So that I can start hunting for more jobs. Now though I have you know 5 full 5 months for Linux System administration under my belt. On the plus side I'm still talking with my manager Zoin(?) trying to get that full time position. He is very adamant that he wants to hire me but the HR department is giving him hathos(?) trying to fill a position that he already has open. But I really think a dub master or what they call I mate position and well I can do some of those skills he want really wants to fill that position with a with system administrator. All of these are kinda of confusing to me too but in the end he just really seems to like the work that I that I've been doing and he wants to keep me all full time. So we are just hoping that that will get taken care of. When I talked to him today it sounded like he would be able to get all the paperwork and stuff done today or tomorrow. I'm hopeful that I can get it offered by the end of the week. That'll be really nice. ___ but I don't have something else lined up. On come July 25th 28th and I know that's like 6 or 7 weeks close and there is quite plenty of time but I'd really like to have something settled pretty soon. So that's really what's going on. That's the major thing going on in life on in our lives. ___ be fun but kinda find a job so that compatible with all that. I guess I will I miss the ___ Glad for a west post opportunity and while the lights are still up I will go listen to a pod cast on my iPod. So talk to you later. Bye.”

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