January 28th, 2008


Quest Diagnostics - Day 1

Today was my first day at Quest. I didn't really do much other than meet a lot of people and get situated in my cube. It took forever to get my desktop set up, because they gave me a non-standard PC that wasn't imaged. Then they put an image on it, but the image didn't contain the proper NIC drivers and so it couldn't log onto the domain. Yada, yada - they eventually worked it out. Now I have a desktop on the Quest domain. My username is the hideously long "daniel.w.ottey" ... Why couldn't they standardize on something like otteydw ? *shrug*

They also stuck me with a tiny CRT monitor. That makes me sad. But looking around, it seems to be the standard. I tried to scavenge a larger one I saw in an empty cube, but it must have been there due to its over-brightness (I can't get it to stop looking foggy).

Right now I don't have internet access (only intranet) at my desk.  That could be good and bad.  I would hate not to be able to Google something if I need an answer to a question.

Tomorrow I should get set up with accounts on some of the Linux boxes and be able to clean out some problem tickets (like adding user accounts). I'm excited and looking forward to diving in.

Today I also met family at work... Go figure! This guy was introduced to me, and then he said "Is your sister named Tamara?" Um, yeah. So I thought he must have known her from high school or something. But then he named my father and grandfather. Well, turns out he is my 4th cousin, once removed. He recognized my last name because his mother is into genealogy. She often communicates with my grandfather who has deeply researched our family tree. Wow, that was weird.

I hope I sleep better tonight than I did last night.  I must have been nervous about the new job.  I kept waking up.  Not fun at all.

I'm still up right now because I was working on a project for school.  I have a lot of questions to talk over with my team.  Luckily this part isn't due tomorrow (we just agreed we would work on it before tomorrow).

Now I go to bed.